Monday, April 8, 2013

100 Days of Real Food Challenge

I've found the most wonderful foodie resource and I'd like you all to take this challenge with me! As they say, let's seek out "the real food in a processed food world."

The blog is called "100 Days of Real Food," written by Lisa Leake of Matthews, NC. To me, her story is one that many people and many families face... the fight to eat "healthy," but how do we define that? It's amazing to me how many of us think that our diets are so clean and good for us when - in reality - we continually put harmful chemicals into our bodies all day long.

So here's how this challenge works:

The objective: go 100 solid days without eating a single ounce of highly processed or refined food (that means no white flour or sugar!)

Click HERE for the guidelines on her "real food" rules page.

Lisa writes, "[My family] decided to take this pledge so we could draw attention 

to how much our society has become dependent on processed food."

Of course, my first concern was cost... eating organically can be expensive! But if you poke around on the website, Lisa does a great job of talking about how to buy food and feed yourself or your family on a budget. So this truly is for everyone!

To that end, I would suggest reading her post, "Real Food Tips: 12 Ways to Keep it Cheap."

And if 100 days sounds daunting, well just try it out the 10-Day Pledge, which will give you a mini-experience to compare to your past habits.

For me, it was all about coming up with creative meals, because I would easily get bored with simply eating lettuce and some protein. But Lisa lists all kinds of recipes and meal plans that are easy to put together.

So go ahead and take the challenge if you dare, because I promise you won't regret it!

For more information, again, visit Happy healthy eating!

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