Friday, January 4, 2013

Safe car and strong body

I love going to the gym, but sometimes those crowded lots make me nervous parking... I'm one of those people who can't stand even a single door-ding in my car. Plus, think of the woozy state of mind that you're in after you've worked out... who knows how much some intense cardio can impair a driver! ;) So I've got to take care of my transportation and keep it well-protected, just like I do my health and body.

I've worked out this nice system where I park on the side of the building and can always keep an eye on my little Volkswagen Jetta that I recently decided to lease (my old car nearly exploded, so I was overdue for a serious upgrade).

So I snapped this cool shot and posted it on Instagram this morning.
So nobody better take my parking spot! It's been claimed! :)

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~Life in the fit lane~

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