Thursday, December 6, 2012

Back in fitness action for 2013

Let me start this long-awaited entry in saying that I am not always the perfect model for fitness…

I don’t always eat a nice leafy salad with a balanced portion of protein for lunch. Yes, sometimes a brownie might sneak its way into my stomach. Ok, ok… I don’t always fit a workout into every single day, as I always preach you should. And last, but certainly not least, I let my fitness blog slip when my life schedule tends to get unpredictably frenzied.

But there is one thing that I never, never do… I never give up. So here I am, back in action and ready to get back on track with Skinny Brittany!

My friend Tim Billick, a pal that hails all the way back from my grade school days and a fitness buff himself, sent me this great excerpt from, written by fitness buff and bikini competitor Sohee Lee, and it was the perfect inspiration that I needed. I think it was fate...

"In an ideal world, you would nail your nutrition every day. Fat loss would be easy—or better yet, you would have a bangin' body without having to think about what you eat. There would be no traffic jams on the way to the gym, and you'd follow up an awesome workout every afternoon with perfectly cooked filet mignon that night. But that's not how it works. Welcome to the real world, where we make mistakes. We wear our yoga pants inside out, fart while deadlifting, and accidentally slip cookies into our mouths. But whatever the reason, people tend to beat themselves up over that cookie more than anything else."

So you know what? I’m not going to beat myself up over taking a little blogging break, because sometimes, that’s just what happens and there’s no need to make excuses. I’m just going to get back on the horse and not give up!

After all… my blog,, was not only meant to foster an exciting fitness dialogue and support healthy living, but I began my writing to help myself stay accountable to you all and live by my own words.

And while my writing may have taken a hiatus, my fitness certainly did not. I'm still steaming full-speed ahead, working to keep strong, eat right and share the fitness wealth.

With that said, it’s time to jump into 2013 with a BANG and take it to a new level for the New Year! So while I’ll be sharing tips and ideas to help you all stay healthy along with me, you’ll also be helping me reach my goals by supporting this website, sharing your own ideas and rooting me on. Let’s do it together, ya’ll!

So instead of waiting for January to share my resolutions and goals with you, let’s just get right to it…

Brittany’s 2013 Fitness Goals:

  1. Train for a swimsuit competition: Yes, I'm going to do it! I worked hard to get in great shape, but now it's time to go from slim and fit to rock hard and ripped! Why not try to win an award for all my hard work?
  2. Say "goodbye" to ice cream: I hope my trainer doesn't read this, but I have a weakness for this delectable dairy treat. I think the only way to really resist is to put it out there for the world to know! I'm keeping away from the stuff, at least until competition time. 
  3. Make my booty even more bootylicious: After Windy City Live!, I lost over 10 lbs and went from a size 8 to a size 4. I was so happy for this huge accomplishment, but in losing the weight, I also lost something else... my booty! Not to say that I have no butt at all, but I miss my little bubble toosh! So for 2013, I'm going to add some inches to my derriere. :)
  4. Really amp up my lower body: As a woman, my thighs are always a point of fitness woe. And if I'm going to get into competition mode, then I need to really focus on my lower body. So this year, goodbye saddle bags! See ya cellulite! Let's get slim and shapely. 
  5. Create abs that may sometimes be confused with steal: My stomach is nice and flat, but I've always wanted a bit of definition. So even if I have to do 1,000 sit-ups a day, I'm going to reach this goal. 


  1. So... It's me (Kay Yasin) YOUR TRAINER!!! Guess what? I did read the part about the ice cream. OOOPPPSSS.. but on the bright side. My following client after you - complimented your ROCK hard Abs: See Goal #5 and I saw a guy almost trip when he was watching your GOAL #3!!! So - we must be doing some VERY good progress ;) Keep up the AMAZING WORK GIRLIE. XOXOXO

  2. Setting goals would be the best way to keep yourself on track, and achieve it in every possible way. You are your worst enemy and overcoming temptation (ice cream, on your part), will help you to reach your goals. Everything is hard, but nothing beats a strong-willed and determined individual. Good luck on your 2013 fitness goals! :) Always stay focused!

    Jetta Wetzel