Monday, August 27, 2012

The Most Active Day in NikeFuel House History

On August 12, I got to sweat my butt off as part of the Chicago Trainer NikeFuel Challenge at the NikeFuel House. Under my trainer, Kay Yasin's, guidance, myself and four of her other clients competed as Team LIFFT to burn the most fuel of the day while wearing the new fuel bands.

Each 6-member team had two fuel bands to share amongst ourselves. We competed in five different challenges and it was up to our trainer to determine the strengths of her team, thus swapping the NikeFuel band throughout the day to reach the highest fuel burn.

Here is the video that Nike actually produced after the event to promote the FuelBand. Kay and our team make special appearances!

At about 0:43 seconds, I have a little cameo. :)

Though our team didn't win the challenge at "The Most Active Day in NikeFuel House History," we still burned over 12,000 fuel points and I'm happy with and proud of that incredible feat.

A BIG 'THANK YOU' to Kay Yasin for asking us all to participate in this. Thanks to her, we have hot bodies, strong wills and the belief that we can achieve anything with some focus, strength and determination.


~Life in the fit lane~

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