Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"The Diet"

My history with dieting

I am not a good dieter, I'll admit... I've always tried to keep my diet relatively healthy, filled with many fruits, vegetables, whole wheat and lean meat. But I think my greatest trouble lied with portions and a tendency to "treat" myself too often.

I would say, "Oh, you worked out for an extra 15 minutes, you can an extra helping of rice." Well, I'm finding that to be on a diet, you must be on a diet. The more you allow yourself to cheat, the easier it becomes to do it more frequently. At least, that's my perspective, though I'm sure different mentalities work for other people. You just have to function with what works for you and your personality... for me, I know that I have to be strict, otherwise I will not see those results because I get back into a habit of allowing myself the foods that will not improve my overall nutrition.

I guess I've found that the key to sticking to any diet is to get yourself on a TV show so that thousands of people will see your progress!

The LIFFT Booty Camp diet for Week 1

So here it is... Kay Yasin's diet plan for your first week of this three-week bootcamp.

  • Drink 4 - 5 liters of water/ day No SODA OR JUICE!!! 
  • Cut out all carbs, dairy, refined sugar!! 
  • Wed we get to treat ourselves to some oatmeal in the morning!!! YEAH ? 
  • APPROX: 200 - 250 CALORIES PER MEAL!! (5 meals - really snack size) - this should be adjusted according to your current body weight and goal weight. 
  • Take your goal weight; multiply by 10 then subtract 250.
  • This is a very general and approximate calorie intake calculation for your day for this 2 week weight loss challenge. Divide that number in 5 and eat that number of calories per meal.
This is what my most recent grocery purchase looks like. It's just so green! I grabbed a bag of green beans that I can steam, lots of lettuce and spinach, sugar snap peas for snacking and more. And you'll notice a little carton of egg whites in the top left-hand corner, which I'm beginning to get used to. :)

My tricks to sticking to it

Needless to say, this is a stark change from the way I'm used to eating. But when you want something badly enough, when you really envision that amazing end-goal, I find that you can be capable of anything. 

If you're following along with the diet at home, here are some tips I'd like to share with you that I've found are a huge help: 
Great if you want to closely stick
to the 2 oz serving of protein
  • Drink green tea - I read in the July Issue of Self Magazine that it actually helps to shrink your stomach. They wrote, "The brew's antioxidants may help block fat absorption, data from Penn State in University Park notes. Mice eating green tea extract put on pounds more slowly than tea-free mice." Neat! I drink it constantly on this diet and it helps me feel content. 
  • Lemon is key - I use lemon for everything... in my water, on my fish, on my vegetables or salad. It just adds so much flavor which, unfortunately, this diet seems to lack. But we'll be lean mean machines, so it's ok! :)
  • Drink water constantly - Again, if your stomach is filled with water, it will help to suppress those cravings, because you'll feel fuller. 
  • Always carry your food with you - As Kay explained, we should always have some sort of leafy green snack in order to avoid serious starvation, which might push us to cheat. 
  • Protein x 3 - Be sure to consume protein three times a day, once at each meal. And remember, your portions should be significantly smaller than an average serving. Only 2 oz of protein per meal. In order to make sure that I get the right serving, I started carrying around single serving packages of Budding Original Honey Roasted Turkey. It was only $.59 at Walmart Express and it's exactly 2 oz. Perfect...
  • Balsamic Vinegar + Lemon Juice + teensy bit of Olive Oil - this combo is a life-saver for any salad. It's extremely low on calories and tastes pretty good! Just make sure that you don't overdue it on the oil. I actually use only half a tablespoon or less. 
  • Breakfast? - This is where I struggled the most, because I just really don't like egg whites. But I found that you can get your 2 oz serving of protein if you eat Bob Evans Turkey Sausage Patties. Only 80 calories for 2 patties, which is exactly 2 oz. 

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