Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to say stave off the sweets

We've all been there... we proclaim the news of our new diet and then BAM! We find ourselves face-to-face with an uber-delicious, chocolatey miracle of a cupcake sitting right in front of us at our friend's barbecue on Saturday. It practically screams, "Eat me!"

Sure, you did good for most of the day, munching on veggies, fresh fruit and even eating a veggie burger on a wheat bun instead of a greasy beef burger, but it's the moment of truth... to cupcake, or not to cupcake?

Wait! Take a moment to think for one second before you sink your teeth into that sprinkled cup of sweetness. I think, after you've done some reflection, you might want to skip out and have a bit more fruit for dessert instead.

Here are some tips that get me through cravings

  • Something fitness trainer Kay Yasin said is, "That cake will be there tomorrow. You don't have to eat it every time it's in front of you." So ask yourself, "Is this the very last piece of cake in the world that I will ever see?" If the answer is "yes," then you better grab that cake!!! But if it's "no," munch on a strawberry instead and relish in your ability to rationalize. 
  • Plain and simple, just don't have it around. I find that if I buy Oreos or if I buy ice cream, then it becomes that much harder to turn it down in my weakest moments. So now I just don't buy any of it and, when I want to treat myself and I know that I've worked hard in the gym and that I've eaten right that week, I actively go out and find myself something sweet (I love fro-yo with fresh fruit! Yum!)
  • Weigh your options... let's say fruit just doesn't cut it for dessert, but the cake is definitely the highest-calorie option. What else is there? Did someone bring a healthier dessert option to the barbecue? Don't be so quick to grab... let your curiosity guide you to a more wholesome treat. 
  • As they say, moderation is key. Let's say you ran 4 miles that morning and did a bit of strength training. And for breakfast, you had egg whites with a blend of veggies mixed in. Maybe you do deserve that cake! But be careful about letting yourself over-indulge, because you want to feel satisfied, not guilty. So proudly take a small-sized serving, slowly enjoy every bite and you'll have nothing to worry about.

There are many tricks to staying strong when sweets are around, but whatever you do, just don't guilt yourself.  If you eat a cupcake at your friend's party, then just remember that tomorrow, you're going to have an extra helping of greens and add 10 more minutes to your cardio. Because stressing about it may only lead you to eat more... so go ahead and own the food you eat and always be conscious of what you're putting into your body.

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