Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Go "Gaga" over your body

I was reading Glamour Magazine April issue this morning (an oldie, but a goodie!) and I stumbled upon this stellar workout that Lady Gaga does while she's on the road.

I'm always looking for quick and effective workouts that I can do in the morning before I had off to work and I think this one will not only kick my butt, but I love the thought of channeling Lady Gaga while I burn some calories.

1) Start with five minutes of cardio like jogging or jumping jacks. Then, without resting...
2) Do 30 reps of a lower-body strength move like squats or lunges
3) Do 30 reps of an upper-body strength move like push-ups, biceps curls or should presses
4) Do 30 reps of an abs move like crunches (still no rest!).
5) Then do a 15-second cardio burst of "phantom" jump rope

Repeat stesp 2 through 5 two more times (so you're doing a total of three sets), swapping in a different upper- and lower-body move and abs exercise for each step. Finish with another five minutes of cardio. 

Then amp it up...

Week 2: do four sets of 25 reps of each move, and a 30-second cardio burst
Week 3: Do five sets of 20 reps and a 45-second burst
Week 4: Do six sets of 16 reps and 60 seconds of cardio.

And for an added challenge, try Lady Gaga's abdominal workout by clicking here

After a few weeks of this, we'll all have bad(ass) romance bodies. Thanks, Gaga!

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