Saturday, August 11, 2012

Clips of Brittany on Windy City Live!

For those of my friends and supporters who couldn't watch me on Windy City Live! in Fitness Trainer Kay Yasin's LIFFT Booty Camp Challenge for the past two Monday's, here are the first two segments.

Monday is the big finale and I hope you can all watch it live! It will air this Monday August 13 at 9 a.m. (and again later at 11 p.m.) on ABC, Channel 7. If you won't be near a TV, you can hop on a computer and stream it live here. And if you can't watch live, don't fret... I will send out the video for those of you who can't see it as it happens.

I can't wait for my progress to be revealed! You will be stunned, I promise!

~ Life in the fit lane ~

- Brittany

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  1. For more information on our upcoming bootcamps or individual work; you can email me (Kay Yasin) at Brittany - you have been an exemplary client. Thanks for following instructions SO well. The results REALLY SHOW!!