Monday, August 13, 2012

2nd place on Windy City Live!

Hello fit friends!

I'm sitting next to my friend Anita on the couch. This is the lovely group of ladies that I had the pleasure of getting in shape with over the past two weeks, along with WCL! Host Val Warner and Fitness Trainer Kay Yasin.

I woke up today with a bittersweet feeling stirring in my stomach... today was to be the final segment of the LIFFT Booty Camp Challenge on Windy City Live! and I just didn't want all the fitness fun to end just yet!

Though I lost so many pounds and inches, I also gained a great deal. I gained a new respect for my body and for my health. I gained so much muscle from the intense workouts Kay did with the ladies and I. And I also gained a new and wonderful group of friends that I hope to continue spending time with, whether we're working out or not.

With that said, I hope you'll all enjoy watching the last segment. I took 2nd place out of the group in terms of inches and weight lost (7 lbs and about 2 inches lost all around). I was so excited! Now I'll get to work with Fitness Trainer Kay Yasin for another two weeks, have a complimentary massage and also receive a free session with a professional beauty & fitness photographer so that I can freeze my new frame in time. :) LOVE it!

And although I started this blog in order to talk about my experience on Windy City Live!, I will continue writing about fitness and the realm of health because I've been inspired through this whole experience. I've always loved to stay in shape and be very active, but thanks to Kay, I have some real chops to back it up. She is an incredibly inspiring trainer and an even more inspiring person and I would recommend her to all of my friends. She will whip you into shape in no time!

I really hope you all will continue to support me and even share your own fitness knowledge with me, because - after all - I learn new things every day and I know you all must have a lot of fun tricks, tips and workouts to share.

- Brittany

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