Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Excited for my LIFFT Booty Camp Challenge

Join me on my path to fitness...

First and foremost, I want to thank Kay Yasin and Windy City Live! for giving me this incredible opportunity to achieve all of my fitness dreams. 

It all started with showhost Val Warner announced her desire to lose that last 5 lbs, but was striving to drop that very last bit of weight. She explained that many women empathize with this fitness battle and so - in order to help women who are struggling in a similar way - Val was going to bring in her personal fitness trainer, Kay Yasin, to work with a group of women who need to lose that last 5 - 15 lbs. 

It would be called the LIFFT Booty Camp Challenge and in order to participate, you had write a creative email explaining your fitness goals, why being a part of the challenge was important to you, etc. So I did! On Saturday, July 28, I met Kay at HiFi Fitness Studio (820 N. Orleans) to compete against other like-minded ladies for a spot on the show. And let me tell you, the competition was tough! But luckily, I persevered and here I am! I can't wait for the results...

I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself and my fitness and dieting history... 

Where the trouble lies...

I have always had trouble with my lower body, though I'm proud to declare that I am a woman with curves. I'm very pleased with my round booty, but I think my thighs could really use some work. I've jogged, stair-mastered and ellipticalled as hard as I could, but no results... those thighs just wouldn't budge. That's why I knew I needed a professional to step in and show me the methods I was missing.

My fitness journey began...

I began my total body transformation around February/March... I was a size 8 at the time and I wanted to go back to my early-college size 6. I always felt the best at that size and the most like myself. See... I'm a very active and athletic girl with a background in soccer and dance, and so it's just important to me to always feel and look my best physically. I love being outdoors and playing sports and pushing myself to the limit. Nothing feels better and more satisfying than walking out of a fitness class or a gym session knowing you worked your toosh off. 

So what did I do to give myself a zap of motivation? Well... I was in a wedding this past June and I'm going to be in another one in early September (Maid of Honor!!!). So when I bought my bridesmaid dresses back in February, I bought two size 6's. That way, I had no choice but to shed the pounds! 

Not quite there yet...

Well, I just slipped into the dress for the first wedding I was in, but barely. But hey, at least I did it! And I didn't do any extreme dieting or crazy abnormal amounts of cardio... all I did was eat right and exercise often. Plus, I joined LA Boxing in early June and, boy, that place whips you into shape! I also have a membership at Charter Fitness for my off days when I want to get in some good cardio and weight-lifting. 

Here's the issue... the dress for my September wedding is still quite tight and I need help! I can fit into it, but I want to fit into it comfortably. I don't want to experience like that sardine-in-a-tin-can feeling when I'm having my mom zip me up with heavy-duty pliers. I want to feel elegant and pretty and at ease and I don't want the extreme tightness of the dress to be a constant reminder of how I didn't reach my ultimate fitness goal. 

A little bit about Britt

I graduated from Loyola University Chicago last May with degrees in journalism and theater. I am currently the Director of Design and Integrated Marketing Communications for StreetWise, Inc. If you're unfamiliar with StreetWise, we are a full social service non-profit organization that works to aid those who are homeless or at risk of being homeless by providing them with access to gainful employment (i.e. StreetWise Magazine). I basically design the magazine and do marketing/PR. 

I also do part-time marketing work for an NFL recruiting agency, as I hope to pursue a profession in entertainment marketing/PR as I delve deeper into my career. 

In my spare time, I love to dance (ballet, jazz, and more), sing and do local theater. I also play soccer with my friends, enjoy reading a lot and trying new things. My friends and family are also ultimately important to me and I currently live with and care for my grandmother. Basically, I live a very active lifestyle and being the most physically fit that I can possibly be is so essential to my daily routine.

Tweet & Facebook with Brittany

You can also follow my progress in the LIFFT Booty Camp Challenge by following me on Twitter (@BrittLangmeyer) or add me on Facebook -> https://www.facebook.com/brittany.langmeyer

Catch the first show!

If you missed the first show, don't worry! You can check it out here and learn five stellar exercises to get you started on your path to fitness, as well as the Week 1 diet plan. 

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